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Tech2Market is, on the territory of France, a representative for Technology Transfer Programme (TTP) of European Space Agency (ESA), which promotes transfer and implementation of space technologies into other industrial sectors. The aim of this programme is to demonstrate the society benefits that the realisation of space missions brings to strengthening the competitiveness of European industry. Indeed, commertial use of space technologies can help us to develoo new products, generate new workplaces and new business set up.


As a part of this programme a cooperation with a european broker network that includes 14 european countries has been established.


Tech2Market is acting as the French Technology broker and our mission is to assess market needs in non-space sectors and match these needs with space technologies.


We help companies in adapting space technologies through complex assistance in preparation of techno-economic and strategic conceptions, what directly contributes to creation of development possibilities.



Why space technologies are so interesting?  


Technologies created for space use purposes have to meet particular citeria like efficiency, reliability, strength, durability, low weight or resistance. These technologies are characterized with:


      • Low weight


       • Reliability


      • Tensile strength


   • Compactness


      • High temperature resistance        • Radiation resistance       • Corosion resistance    • Hight pressure resistance




Tech2Market offers innovations in 12 technology industries:



      • Materials   • Hardware i      Software               • Automation andlrobotics
      • Electronics
      • Sensors and          measuring techniques   • Communications    • Precision mechanics       • Optics
      • Medical equipment   • Energy    • Mechanicallcomponents                          • Services and other          technologies



What are the results of this programme?


Technology Transfer Programme Office, was established in 1990 to facilitate technology transfer from space technologies to terrestrial applications and the commercialisation of such applications


Since more than twenty years, the programme has evolved in order to improve every process and increase technology transfer success.


Each year the programme is involved in:


  More than 20 technology transfers

  More than 50 space technologies

  More than 200 market needs

  More than 15 events


Find further information on these transfers on ESA document which explains more than 40 technology transfer or on webpage decicated to success stories.