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Amapola HoliFab

Our team is formed of experienced entrepreneurs, technology transfer specialists and advisors in the healthcare, ICT and engineering sectors.

Entrepreneurship and technology transfer are part of our DNA, which we make available to entrepreneurs, scientists, healthcare workers, etc. along with our knowledge, network and energy to solve their problems.

We share with our clients the same passion and vision of making innovation available to patients and society, and have overcome the same obstacle they are facing.

References in the fields of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products
Financial and strategic audit for a public fund of Theranexus, a unique clinical stage pharmaceutical company, which has developed a versatile proprietary technology leading to first in class products to address brain disorders (such as narcolepsia’s residual sleepiness).
Market study of several indications for Biomunex, a company discovering and developing innovative bispecific antibodies to address unmet medical needs in the treatment of cancer.
State of the art, trend and market analysis for CERMN, a research institute working on a first in class combined therapeutic agent used in Alzheimer’s disease, then identification of potential partners for co-development and technology transfer.
Market study for Novolyze, a startup developing new bacteria models for kill steps validation in food safety control and offering services dedicated to food processing industrials.
Advisory on the European collaborative funding application of a Firalis subsidiary specialized in the discovery, development and regulatory qualification of new biomarker-based diagnostics.
Market analysis for Metafora, a biotech company dedicated to developing the use of RBDs, which are ligands of nutrient transporters, as tools revealing disease induced changes in cell physiology.
Market and strategy analysis in the fields of health, environment and energy for PorphyChem, a chemical company specialized in the synthesis of chromophores and fluorophores such as porphyrins and related compounds.
References in the fields of medical devices and e-health
Opportunity study and market analysis for the Stimflex project, a CEA spin-off entrepreneurial endeavor aiming at developing and selling a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation system.
Financial and strategic audit for a public fund of Cardiawave, a startup dedicated to the development of an ultrasound therapeutic medical device for cardiac valve pathology.
Market and competitive analysis for Wandercraft, a company with the vision of developing an exoskeleton, intuitive and easy to use, for patient with mobility problems due to myopathies, paraplegia or ageing.
Market study and analysis of communicating medical device reimbursements systems across Europe for Orange Healthcare, enabling the company to better assist its clients.
Technico-financial feasibility study and international market analysis for a startup project at the Busi incubator, developing an innovative device for minimally invasive mitral valve annuloplasty.
Strategic market access analysis and international opportunity evaluation for Dixi Medical, a company manufacturing a stereo-electro-encephalography device for epilepsy care.
Opportunity study for an electromagnetic actuator technology developed at CNES to non-space applications such as in vitro diagnostic.
References in the fields of healthcare ecosystem advisory
Market and trend analysis of the pharmaceutical industry in France, the USA, China , Germany and Japan for the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry with UbiFrance and Deloitte.
Structuration of collective offering and of potential business development opportunities for Biomeridies, a biotechnology and life sciences cluster in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
Analysis of the regional industrial base and of collaborative initiatives to be initiated for the Burgundy Development Agency and the Club Santé, an initiative bridging healthcare sectors.
Market analysis for the Franche-Comté Chamber of Commerce of different medical device segments such as biochips, laboratory automation, neurology or implantable devices and benchmark with local know-how and resources to identify new development niches.
Analysis of information created, used, stored and shared by various stakeholders in the implantable medical device field for the I-care cluster to identify innovation opportunities.
Financial and strategic audit for Nexa of a research and innovation biotechnology platform operating high level multidisciplinary equipment offering services to companies and laboratories.
Market analysis, need characterisation and benchmark for Genopole of a simple and safe DNA storage technology at room temperature offered by Imagene in the BIOBANQUE national project.
Other references in technology detection, transfer and training
Creation of an entrepreneurial curriculum with Cancer Campus including marketing and strategic aspects, in order to assist teams span off public research in the field of oncology.
Training of healthcare professionals, researchers and students in the frame of the DUGBM, a university diploma by Pierre and Marie Curie University focused on technology transfer in medicine.
Training of professionals in the healthcare industry on market access strategic issues and value-based pricing under the EMAUD, a university diploma by UCBL 1 and EPHE Paris Sorbonne.
Partnership with OTT&PI, the Paris Hospital Technology Transfer Office, aimed at developing and experimenting new tools to better educate healthcare professionals on innovation, then detect and characterize new projects.
Advisement as the sole European Space Agency technology broker in France of 30 transfers and support of businesses using space technologies in other “terrestrial” markets.
Detection of projects holding valorisation potentials in science and engineering laboratories across upper Normandy for the Seinari agency.
Detection of promising projects in terms of technology transfer across engineering science, information technology and communications as well as human and social sciences research laboratories leading to the characterization for the Auvergne Region of more than 150 innovations by their level of maturity, their need for support and their valuation.
Startups in which our team is directly involved
Co-founding and management of VitaDX, a startup dedicated at developing an early stage bladder cancer diagnosis tool based on research conducted at Paris-Sud University, CNRS, AP-HP and Onera
Management of Diamlite, a startup devoted to the development, the industrial production and the commercialization of innovative fluorescent diamonds as permanent markers for industrial (tracking and anti-counterfeiting) and life sciences (biological analysis and diagnosis) applications.
Management of Medap, a company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of a new generation of cytology sample preparation automate.
Board membership at Optana, a startup developing a new device allowing the processing and coloration of cytological or histological samples by nebulization.
Management of Citrage, a company developing and commercializing amino-acid based preventive and therapeutic strategies in the field of degenerative diseases.
WCo-founding and management of Celescreen, a startup incubated at Agoranov and developing an alternative method to toxicology screening using c.elegans worms
Co-founding and management of Investors4Life, an investment holding dedicated to tomorrow’s life sciences powerhouses with a first equity share in Kamax Innovative Systems.